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Guided Experiences


Summit volcanoes or mountains like San Pedro, Toliman, Atitlan, Cerro De Oro and Indian Nose for incredible bio-diversity and vistas. 

Start early in the day for the coolest temp to hike and best views at the top. Sunrise views are the most magnificent.


Do you want to immerse in the magic of Mayan Culture? 

We can take you deep into its rich authenticity in a thousand ways, such as a visit to Maximon, a medicine woman ceremony, stepping back into time with ruins and stories, and so much more!

Mountain Hikes

Take a mountain walk where exotic birds and butterflies live and locals farm organic coffee, vegetables and herbs in harmony -  such as Santa Catarina Palopo , San Juan Waterfall, Santa Cruz to San Marcos or to Solola.  These hikes are great any time!


Some of our guests have made friends with local families, have been asked to speak at a local church, want to talk about buying and renting homes or want to learn the basics of an ancient Mayan language.

We love to help with this!

Market Day Trips

So many markets to choose from - San Pedro, Solola, Santiago, ChiChi, Pana, Santa Clara & many more!  A guide helps you navigate the vibrant collections of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, coffee, textiles, all things artisan and various necessities.


Kayaking, boating, swimming, diving, and/or cliff-jumping enthusiasts - we have you covered!  There are some areas in the lake that aren't great for swimming or water activities, but there are many more that are perfect for them!

Plan & Reserve

It can feel overwhelming to consider all of the choices in the time you have.  Don't worry friend, we are here to help you.  We already know how to make things easier to maximize your experience. Fill out the form on this page or give us a call at +502 4149 8268 or email

or send us a message on facebook to get started.

Transport & Food

We can meet you where you want and get you to the starting point of your choice. During your tour, we might ride TukTuk, pickup, chicken bus, collectivo and/or boat. Super fun with a guide that knows the ways around with the best drivers and views.

Safety & Fun

Getting around the area on your own is doable if you know what you need to know about doing this.

It is wise to have a guide for big outings, not only for safety but also for depth of experience. All of our options  are more valuable to you with a local guide.  We consider it an honor to help you get the most of your experience.

Price & payment

Guided experiences range in price depending on choices and group size (usually from $40 to $80 each person).

Our price includes expert guide, trail fees, transport, snack, and of course - Maya magic!. 

Your Adventure

Send Alex a note to get started.

You'll hear back from us in a day or less.

What do you want to do?
How many are you?

"Mayan spirit vibrated within my heart as blue waters washed me anew. 
The volcanoes standing watch had certainly witnessed this countless times.

- Living True, A Love Story

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