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This Is Our Story


Alex is the owner and primary guide and speaks fluent Mam, Kaqchikel, Spanish and English.

His home is the gorgeous and traditional lake village of Santa Catarina.

Being a good husband and father of 4 beautiful boys and showing the magic of Guatemala are his utmost joys.

Alex has been a guide for the Lake Atiltlan area and many other Guatemala destinations for >10 years.

Many years before this, he sought out adventure in the United States where he earned East Coast perspective and near perfect English at free community classes in the evening.  When he returned to his home at Lake Atitlan, he landed a job as a tour guide for a reputable company who graciously taught him much more about tours.

Alex dreamed of one day starting his own tour guide company to further support his family and provide an example for his boys.  Then COVID temporarily put a break on the plans.

But Alex has a spirit that is best described as unstoppable joy and is always ready to be a good example (his experiences with foreigners have been captured in published books it is so remarkable). Oh, and no matter where you come from, going with Alex means you are no longer having a "foreign"experience. 


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